Urbanaut Brewing Co. CRAFT Beers

Each Urbanaut beer is designed to celebrate the city that inspired its creation. Whether you know the destination well, or yearn to explore it someday, this beer embodies the culture, the people and the atmosphere.

Kingsland Pilsner.png

Kingsland Pilsner - 4.5%

Highly effervescent, giving a beautiful head and tight bubbles. A refreshing bitterness, clean hops on the nose and a light colour from pilsner malt gives a bright crystal glow.

Brixton Pale Ale.png

Brixton Pale Ale - 4.4%

Fresh tropical fruits on the aroma of a well-balanced, full-bodied pale ale, that’s ideal for enjoying all afternoon. A subtle bitterness, Taiheke and Amarillo aroma hops coming forward with fruity and spicy notes. A mix of pale malts showcased as a light auburn appearance.

Gastown Red IPA.png

Gastown Red IPA - 5.8%

A hop-driven favourite, with a malt profile to balance the high-alpha hop aroma and moderate bitterness. A rich ruby colour, indicating the complex partnership of four New Zealand and German malts which create a backbone of toffee, caramel and roasted flavours. Sought after American hops giving a citrus, grapefruit and lychee nose.

Shimokita IPL.png

Shimokita IPL - 5.7%

A lager bursting with taste and flavour. Local Nelson Sauvin and Motueka hops brewed with a mix of pilsner and ale malt, giving the complex aroma and flavour of an IPA, but with the drinkability and clean finish of a traditional lager. 

Williamsburg IPA.png

Williamsburg IPA - 7.2%

Showcasing the malts from Canterbury New Zealand, balanced with heady aromatic NZ hops. Big, bold, proud. A fresh hop aroma with cut grass and citrus. Left with a clean dry finish from an ale yeast that’s fully feasted, leaving an estery note.

La Alameda Citrus Sour Lager.png


Named after the Spanish neighbourhood where orange trees line the streets. La Alameda is a little different to your typical sour, substituting the more commonly used ale yeast for a traditional lager fermentation, La Alameda was kettle soured over three days, infused with orange zest and mandarin, then hopped with the fruity German Mandarina Bavaria. Bright, zesty with an international twist.

Bogota Espresso Scotch Ale.png

Bogota Espresso scotch Ale - 6.5% *NEW RELEASE*

Using Coffee Beans sourced from the Columbian capital of Bogota, this copper-ruby coloured, robust ale delivers a sneaky perk of zesty caffeine. An aroma of freshly ground fruity coffee, sitting on a solid malt platform gives toffee, caramel and tobacco flavours. Finished with an aftertaste of smoke, roasted beans and caffeine.


9th Street Simcoe APA - 6.0% *latest RElease*

This is a single-hopped American Pale Ale using only new harvest Simcoe hops. This bold US hop was used in the kettle for bittering, whirlpool additions for flavour and then shed-loads of dry-hopping. It pours a gorgeous auburn colour, has a rich malt foundation with hop flavours of passionfruit, burnt orange and pine, followed by a very present bitterness. Our brewer Richard created this his first Urbanaut recipe with inspiration from the 9th Street suburb in Austin, Texas. A place that a young BMXing Richard, growing up in Yorkshire England, always yearned to explore.